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Enjoyable! Relaxing! Therapeutic!

This is what happens to your body when you immerse yourself in a hot tub. Immerse yourself in the pleasure! And apparently you don’t need any prompting to take a dip in a hot whirlpool, bubbling and “beckoning you into its arms”.

In the past when you used to hear the word SPA, I’m almost sure, that you imagine an ultra-luxurious rejuvenating experience at an exorbitant cost. Today this just became a myth! You can conveniently and easily provide yourself with this ultra-luxurious experience by paying only once.

You might think, how is this possible? By installing a whirlpool in your bathtub. Imagine that you will have the luxury of enjoying the benefits of a hydromassage every day, at absolutely no cost. You pay once and enjoy for life! Of course, the word SPA has many branches, such as sauna, massage, hammam, etc. Hydromassage is one of these branches and perhaps the most important, without diminishing the importance of the others.

And now you say to me, why should I pay to install a hot tub in my home and not go to a spa that will provide me with a combination of everything, whenever and however I want to enjoy it?

But for the following reasons:

After oxygen, water is an essential element for our body. Hippocrates knew this very well, and he was the first to use it to heal. Back then, the use of baths was part of everyday life.

Hydrotherapy therefore uses water as a therapeutic agent. The hydromassage has the potential to upgrade the quality of our health so that we can enjoy a life full of energy, well-being and strength.

It reduces stress and banishes depression

Lowers blood pressure

Improves circulation

It helps sleep

Increases muscle strength in cases of excessive weakness

Increases the ease of movement of the joint

Relieves strained muscles

It removes toxins and allows the body to absorb nutrients

Brings improvement in headache, neck and chill problems.

It helps in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and injuries.

Control and weight loss

Helps fight cellulite and localized fat




So, live more enjoyable, more relaxing, more qualitatively in your own home!

The hot tub is pleasure, health and definitely not an unnecessary luxury!

Did I convince you?

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive


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