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Work from HOME with a smell of NATURE!

We live in the days of ups and downs! Many of us will start working from home in the next few months, if we haven’t already. But, is there the right space at home to work as we want? if not, we can create it or even better make our existing space even more creative to become more productive. Being able to create an office space when you don’t even have room to spare, requires a maximum sense of space and elegance.

We used to see the home office as something foreign, or better yet, something unreal that we only saw in movies.  Some of us might have envied it, but few had the courage to make it happen. So, let’s see what happens to us as an opportunity and let’s seize it constructively! Let’s star in our own movie and try to create our own setting as best we can!

Sierra white mathios studiobagno

The home office now blends in perfectly, in the living room, dining room, attic, bedroom or in a small forgotten corner of our home.

Masterbrick Amber mathios pc studiobagno

We have selected some stone and brick decorating ideas to bring you closer to nature so you can free your spirit and be more productive. Choosing the right stone for your home office space will transform your space into a creative and warm environment that you won’t get enough of enjoying the hours you spend there.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to concentrate, walk the paths of nature by choosing a stone in white and earth colors, in irregular combinations of protrusions creating a unique structure compared only to the ingenuity of nature. You prefer it to be simple and modest so that it does not distract you, but at the same time gives a distinct style to your space. The secret to increased productivity, in your case, lies in the simplicity and uniqueness of the result!

Masterbrick Black Dark Red studiobagno

If, on the other hand, you are in the category of people who get lost in details or suffer from procrastination, the ideal choice for your personal identity would be brick, which with its special character and warm colors would make your workplace warmer and ideal for being able to relax, thus finding a better perspective on your work. At the same time, you become more enthusiastic about what you are doing, because this is usually the characteristic of industrial design enthusiasts.

master brick Colonial Amber mathios studiobagno

If you are the type who likes to listen to music while you work, watch TV and are so resourceful that you can do many things at the same time, choose to use a corner of your living room to create your office space. Choose white color for your desk and chair and place them in front of a lovely wall, dressed in gray or black geometric stone, inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature. Clean lines convey the feeling of cleanliness, purity and order.

Masterbrick keramos studiobagno

Be sure to use the correct installation materials to ensure the stone’s 30-year warranty! It’s something you’ll only do once, and you should do it right!

And because only nature can copy the MATHIOS stone, be sure that you will feel like you are working outside in nature, in a forest, on a mountain, on a slope.

How much inspiration can a simple stone-clad wall hide after all? Have you thought about it?

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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