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Did you “charge” your batteries?

Say good morning through your own bathroom oasis! Start your day well by charging your own batteries, using the new fashion trend in bathroom batteries and accessories. 

With a relaxing shower you say good night and sweet dreams at night and good morning in the morning. The bathroom is the one that closes and opens your day, that’s why it is important that it is beautiful, full of colors and exudes the calm you crave every day. To charge your batteries, welcoming the new day and to discharge them as the sun sets.

Bathroom faucets, or mixers as we usually call them, are perhaps the most important and sensitive item among the categories of bathroom items. Their daily and non-stop use makes them the number one finishing touch in the bathroom, unlike in the past.

While for many decades the color of faucets and bathroom accessories was only nickel (chrome), the data in decoration changed.

gold black mixers studiobagno

Technology leaps forward and overwhelms our lives with wonderful designs and colors. The countless color options in glossy, matte and brushed give a special character to your space, since refinement is judged in the details.

bathroom mixer black studiobagno

You can choose matte black to add a touch of masculinity and luxury to your decor, or a shiny metallic look to add a touch of mystery. You can also give a dose of harmony and natural shades to your space by choosing brushed bronze. Don’t rule out gold and rose gold in bathroom faucets and accessories since they’ve been making a big comeback for a while now and have been stealing the show.

rosegold bath mixer studiobagno

Whatever your dream bathroom is, classic or modern, luxurious or simple, country or urban, the color options and different design finishes can complete your space by giving you the solution you are looking for.

The cost of the battery (mixer) directly affects the quality of its construction so that it can be suitable for daily use. Its technical specifications must be suitable for its use with drinking water. That is, the metal elements used to make the batteries must comply with European Standards.

bath mixer black studiobagno

As a result, bathroom faucets (mixers) and accessories deserve our undivided attention and in many cases, maybe a little more than our budget.

So those of you who are planning to renovate your bathroom, create a new bathroom or simply replace your batteries, it is worth taking a look at the new proposals that are on the market, taking definitely, seriously into account the quality of construction, since some options have immediate relation to our health.

black basin mixer studiobagno

Bath batteries first come into contact with water and then with our body. If the water during contact has undergone any alteration, then with daily use and the passage of time this may have an impact on our health.

gold basin mixer studiobagno

Fill your batteries correctly, choosing not only the color that suits you but also the quality that goes with it! Fill yourself with bold freshness and unconventional glamour, choosing striking and shapely Matte Black, subtle and natural Brushed Bronze , imposing glossy Gold, luxurious Rose Gold and so many more colors.

Don’t be afraid to dare!

Do you still need to charge batteries?

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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