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The protagonist of this Winter in our living room, the fireplace, which undoubtedly warms the hearts of all of us. The warmest corner of the house during the Winter, which acts as a pole of attraction and magically gathers the whole family around it.

As we move quickly towards the heavy Winter nights, since the cold is increasing, the fireplace is the most ideal and most economical solution to warm the house, while at the same time it provides ideal moments of relaxation and romance.

Who wouldn’t want to sit near it, stare at its fire, travel with the sounds of burning wood, share secrets and dreams in the company of the magic that the fire exudes, while at the same time enjoying it’s warmth?

mathios stone cream studiobagno

But beyond the warmth it can provide to our space, a stone fireplace can significantly improve the design aesthetics of any home, exuding a rustic elegance that makes our space stand out. Stone fireplaces can look stunning with any design style, especially when combined with wood elements in the space.

Texture is undoubtedly one of those things that can bring out the features of a room and help it come alive. So, stone is a special and favorite material for fireplace cladding around the world. The type of stone you choose and the way you decide to use it can give a different style to each space. From traditional rustic to modern contemporary.

mathios stone fireplace studiobagno

A combination of stone and wood as a cladding on the fireplace is the most suitable you can imagine for a rustic decoration, which predisposes to a more traditional feel. Especially when the fireplace is lit, it will give you the feeling of being in a small house in the countryside, enjoying nature, away from the stress of everyday life.

By choosing to use more sculpted stones in specific colors, you can automatically follow a more minimalist line in your space. In essence, what the minimalist style requires is simplicity, with clear lines and colors that are easy on the eye.

mathios stone black fireplace studiobagno

The lighter and softer the shades of the stone you choose, in beige and gray, the more natural they will look.

mathios stone brown grey cream studiobagno

Whatever style you choose to go with for your stone fireplace surround, we would be remiss not to emphasize the biggest advantage of having stone around a fireplace. In addition to the fact that it has great resistance to time, the stone is FIRE RESISTANT and this makes it the most ideal material in which you can light a fire in it, without fear and with a lot of passion!

mathios master brick studiobagno

Warm up your days and evenings, with the sweetness and magic of the fire, surrounded by the warm breeze of the stone. Feel your fireplace as it lights up like a living organism that exists with you in the same space, breathing, dancing and keeping you company. Its fire can keep you company for endless hours, warming your home and your hearts with the endless magic that its flames emit every split second.

WARM UP MY FIRE! DRAG ME into this magical dance of yours, KEEP my nest and heart WARM this Winter too! And this CHRISTMAS!

Elena Kyriakou

Marketing executive

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