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Once upon and a ceramic

It was very different from everything else, it stood out from afar. Massive, bright, with minimal compounds, with a wonderful color. It made my kitchen area look like something straight out of a fairy tale! It gave its own unique touch to the space and certainly nothing could be compared to it.

Impressively, it commanded every visitor who saw it for the first time, that the new trend of things required the existence of larger and larger tiles, in order to create unified surfaces with minimal joints. The huge dimensions, the amazing properties and the beautiful design of the surfaces establish it as the perfect choice for kitchen counters, sinks, walls, bathrooms, sinks, tables as well as for furniture doors and the fireplace.

emeraland slab kitchen studiobagno

XXL ceramics ( SLABS ) are offered in faces of natural materials, stone, marble, wood, metal, cement, etc. Their shades make each ceramic different from the other. The finishes and surface treatments represent the uniqueness to improve the details, so they are always original and characteristic.

They have high physical strength to withstand abrasion, wear and even rapid changes in temperature. UV light will not weaken their surface and chemicals will not challenge their integrity.

Also, because larger ceramics need fewer joint lines, it makes them more visually appealing, giving our space an open, expansive look, as opposed to smaller ceramics, with many joint lines which can make the space look busy.

black kitchen wooden backsplash studiobagno

But let’s go back to my own fairy tale, where once upon a time, I decided to place an XXL ceramic on my kitchen counter top. It was the wisest choice I ever made. I chose with incredible inspiration the marble-look ceramic which had a shade of black with huge waters of white and brown lines. Seeing how beautiful it was, I decided to combine it with another XXL metal-look ceramic, this time in a shade of brown. This amazing combination of the two, which connected incredibly with the floor and the colors of the kitchen wood, reminded me of my favorite fairy tale that I wanted to be read to me every night until I fell asleep.

metalic kitchen worktop studionbagno

I now had a tasteful chocolate kitchen, which impressed everyone who entered my space, reminding them that this particular kitchen surface was made so that you could create the tastiest foods and the most delicious sweets.

Once upon and a ceramic, then, managed to bring Hansel and Gretel to my own kitchen, without anyone ever having to read this fairy tale to me again.

Now I was really living it!

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing executive

marble backsplash kitchen surface studiobagno

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