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Art maintains the first word in the design of the bathroom of the coming years, which must be attractive, elegant, functional, and user-friendly, but at the same time reminiscent of a painting.

Whether it’s abstract, minimalist, modern, or classic, this painting leads us to the Road of AXA one! On the street characterized by an unprecedented Touch of Relaxation and Aesthetics. The future at AXA one, promises more beauty, functionality, innovation, and imagination both in design and in the quality of the materials it uses.

The bathroom, which was once the last part of our choices when building our house, today is transformed into an environment with strong aesthetics and imposing design content.

A world full of charm and sophistication in all the items that can frame our bathroom.

Washbasins in designs that steal the show with their flawless lines, toilets, and bidets in shapes and ergonomics that make our lives easier, but also bathroom furniture, whose materials and aesthetic point of view, anything but leaves you indifferent.

All this together creates a rare piece of art from every point of view, in every bathroom.

The key to success for the final result of each space is undoubtedly based on the awareness of the dimensions of the bathroom room and its correct arrangement.

When you choose the style and mood you want to dominate your bathroom, it would be good to see if the products you liked, or that you chose, correspond to the dimensions of your own space. Be sure that when they are placed in the selection points, they will be easy to use, thus leaving you the useful space you need to make your bathroom more functional.

Never defy the opinion of an expert in the field of hygiene, because he can give you solutions and options that you could not imagine.

You just find your style and trust it in the hands of experts in the field.

Just like you would trust a famous painter to paint your portrait.

AXA Art Street one!

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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