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equipe yellow wall tiles studiobagnoDare to overcome your fears and make crazy color combinations in your bathroom. These amazing, crazy combinations of colors and ideas are definitely not suitable for conservative decorators, but they are a special challenge for the daring ones who like to experiment with new styles and in the end succeed in impressing. 

equipe rectagular green wall tiles studiobagno

The time has come to overcome your taboos and phobias and express the true and most stylish version of yourself, combining explosive colors and textures in your most personal space. Your bathroom!

Start with small touches, which will not change the whole concept of your space and keep in mind that different is not something you should be afraid of!

eqipe mint colour wall tiles studiobagno

There are colors we like and others we don’t like at all! But aside from aesthetic issues, each color is a radiation, a vibration that may or may not harmonize with each of us.

So, look for your own colors and fit them into your space. See what catches your eye and don’t be afraid to enjoy it in your own personal space, just because it’s bold, because others don’t, or because you want to have a seat belt by playing with more neutral colors.

equipe white wall tiles studiobagno

Usually the safe is boring, while the different is the challenge that is rare and thus you don’t see it often, that’s why it always steals the impressions.

The contrast enlarges the space and gives depth. Usually, to achieve this we place a darker shade on the floor and a lighter colored ceramic on the wall. The spaces give a new experience of exploration and enjoyment and for this reason we should create a frame, which will hold the different colors together and offer a different perception of the space to each one individually. We must learn to marry different materials and colors together even if they are completely opposite. Each one has something different to tell us. 

equipe squared mint wall tiles studiobagno

Don’t rest on the safe side and explore new horizons, just like the heroes in the book WHO TOOK MY CHEESE. Become the “Sniff” and the “Scurry” of your own space. Quickly smell the changes in new trends around you, like “Sniff” and rush straight into action like “Scurry”. Nothing is more beautiful and more enjoyable than your own rainbow. Nothing can make you not want to get wet, if this rain of colors comes from inside you, it has your own character, it is exclusively yours!

equipe pink wall tiles studiobagno

Search, ask, trust the experts and dare to make a difference! Remove from your stereotypes the “Hem” who refused change because he was afraid that things would be worse, and start with this article to become a “Haw”, who learns to adapt in time, when he realizes that change can lead to a much better result.

For those of you who haven’t read the book WHO TOOK MY CHEESE read it immediately and you won’t believe how much it can change the way you see things!

Don’t ever let yourself wonder “WHO TOOK MY COLOR?”

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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