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How much you look like me!

Houses look like the people who live in them! (Victor Hugo, 1802 -1885). So, if you’re ready to start building your new home, or if you’re in the middle of the journey and feel overwhelmed or impatient, relax, take a deep breath, and let’s find the solutions together!

Always keeping in mind what the great French writer Victor Hugo said, will help you make even the most difficult steps simple.

A house that looks like you and your character can never be wrong!

concrete squared floor tile kitchen studiobagno

  1. Setting a time frame for completing your home will help you have clearer goals and get everything done on schedule without unnecessary stress and delays. Create your own strategy for how you will maneuver between your work, yourself and the time you will devote to running your home. Arrange your appointments in advance with the professionals in the area, whether this is the architect, the decorator or a visit to a floor, sanitary ware, etc. store.
  2. You should have set a budget for how much you will spend on each task concerning the house whether it is flooring, sanitary ware, stone, kitchen, windows, etc.) Without a budget we go nowhere! It will make it easier for you many times to choose between the infinite options. But be ready to go a step further when quality comes in the way! Ensuring quality offers resistance to time and a long life, safety, economy in maintenance which is one of the most basic criteria and the best, functionality and aesthetics.
  3. Say no to hasty decisions. Carefully consider all your options. Don’t want to end the hassle by choosing what seems easy, fast and cheap. Take some time and explore the house that has begun to unfold in front of you little by little. Look at the surrounding area, what layout you have done in the rooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen (floors, frames, wood, lighting). This will give you the advantage of putting your own character and energy into the home you are preparing to live in forever! It will have your own taste, your own smell, your own temperament, your own imagination, your sensitivity, your simplicity or your potential. You can wear whatever you want and the result will be more than PERFECT!

concrete 60x120 bathroom studiobagno

4. Choose a palette of colors. Don’t confuse many different colors together because later when you want to choose furniture, decorations, paintings, lighting, it won’t be easy at all. Keep your favorite color palette and play in these tones to create a calm and restful environment for you!

In short, try not to give a strong and clear style to the house. Leave room for twist. Remember that you will stay in this house for several years, during which you may change just as fashion changes! If your decorative lines are more  “clean” it will be much easier to add or remove items to make a change you want.

  1. Never listen to too many opinions. Ask for the help of a professional decorator and don’t listen to what many are saying. A good decorator will study you and your character, you will share with him your tastes and what you have always wanted to do and he will guide you on the specific tempo, without trying to impose his own personal taste. Never do what someone else wants and don’t let anyone change your original opinion about something, because then you will live somewhere where you will feel like an outsider! Support your opinion and taste, and the professional decorator will walk on it, putting all his knowledge to create the result you have imagined!



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