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Journey of yesterday to today

A trip that most people are scared of just by the idea of doing it. They will have to cross the transatlantic to make it happen, not because they don’t know if the final destination will be worth it. 

But if we dared to go around the world with two suitcases in hand, even if they were old, on the way back, the smile of satisfaction we would have combined with the new experiences we would create would repay us for everything.

The same happens when we build a new house or are in the difficult stage of renovation. We are afraid to venture outside the safe zones we see around us. We are afraid that over the years it will become old-fashioned and out of date.

As with all things in this world, it is natural that fashion trends come and go. But do you know the secret to never having to face this dilemma? To always do what we like, what suits our character, what gives us peace, what makes us feel alive.

handmade traditional tile floor faces indigohotel studiobagno

Marrying the old element with the modern is something that will never lose its timelessness, something that creates a safer safety net for you in the change, something that will bring an amazing result to our space.

Imagine different couples from different countries: an African man with an Italian woman, a Spanish woman with a Brazilian man, or a Mexican woman with a Dane. What beautiful babies will these couples with opposite characteristics make? Can you figure it out? You realize that something doesn’t have to be the same or similar to another to have a fantastic effect.

Traditional Marble is a material that is very easily married with any other material you have in mind to use in your home. It’s something that in itself brings warmth and can make a modern space look like a big open hug. It can be made in any color you want and thus you can easily combine it, in any area of the house you choose to place it.

It is ideal to be selected in combination with cement-look ceramic or even pressed cement mortar. Two materials are used to a large extent by most who are in the process of building at this moment.

handmade traditional tile indigo reception studiobagno

It would also be remiss if we did not mention the fact that parquet is surprisingly combined with traditional marble because they both exude a taste of tradition. The wood, on its part, gives an austerity and confidence, while the traditional marble decorates every corner of the house with its uniqueness, emphasizing all its strong features and giving an air of carelessness and vitality.

This marriage of traditional and modern may break many of the modern rules in the decorating industry, but it allows us to be incredibly creative and play with the rules that express us and our family.

handmade traditional tile floor indigo studiobagno

handmade traditional tile corridor indigohotel studiobagno

He dared to make INDIGO HOTEL in Larnaca, a great example of the marriage of traditional and modern, with the perfect dominance given to the traditional marble. A hotel, a jewel for our city, which managed to pioneer with the decoration and the selection of the products it chose for each area separately.

The traditional marble combined with the pressed cement mortar upon entering the hotel gives the space a unique effect, which the eye cannot get enough of seeing.

The wonderful Oinotelia wine bar, which is distinguished for its international wines and wonderful cocktails, created a magical, warm and peaceful space, placing a wonderful tricolor of traditional marble on the floor, and combined with modern furniture and wooden toys, making the difference.

handmade traditional tile window indigohotel studiobagno

Create in this way and at home, do not doubt for a moment that the result will be wonderful and unique.

At the end of the journey, the result will justify you! Everyone will be looking forward to opening these old suitcases that have never lost their charm, to see what’s new inside!

The journey begins when you decide, but it will never end because you will never get tired of living it…

TIP: Using the 80/20 ratio rule, you can make the perfect mix. 80% should be the one style you choose to use and 20% the other style. A formula that has 100% success.

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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