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Can we exist too in this world

Really, can we exist too in this world? Something I liked and “stole” from Renee. It was of course written with a different meaning than Renee, but it made me click for all that you will read below.

There have always been and always will be handicaped people among us. Accidents, heredity, diseases, and all other factors that cause disability have always existed and will continue to exist. What differs from generation to generation, is how we, society in general, treat people with disabilities.

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We must realize that PWDs are not invisible people, they are not just two legs in a wheelchair, but equal citizens and people with abilities who need infrastructure to be able to participate in life as equals among equals and not as children of a lesser God.

They need something else, something more. Freedoms, legislation, spaces, and accessibility. They need respect and nothing more. Is it that their life is difficult, why do we make it more difficult for them and force them to be trapped? Because what; this life is not ours, do we just not care? No! Tomorrow we may be in this position, our brother, our child, our father, our friend.

These people lost the ground under their feet when they ceased to be competent. But they didn’t stop being human! So let’s respect them and help them to exist too, whenever it suits them and not us. Let us be the earth under their cart.

It would help if we made our world accessible to people with disabilities. If we gave them back the right to unimpeded movement, work, and entertainment if the sanitary facilities for the handicaped were not turning into hideous and lifeless boxes.

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Have you thought about how many times you have had to go to the toilet while you are outside and taking your walk or while drinking your coffee with friends in a well-known hangout in the city? If you ask me, countless! But in how many of these hangouts you frequent have you seen toilets and general sanitary facilities for handicaped people? and if you saw any of them, did you bother to see what they are like? Why is the bathroom space for the handicaped person white and lifeless as if you entered a hospital room and yours is designed with style and colors as if you entered a luxury hotel?

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We live in 2021 and abroad some factories have been working for many years to create modern equipment, designed with style and beautiful colors, especially for the handicaped. 

The Ponte Giulio is one of the largest companies of its kind, with over 45 years of experience, manufacturing bathroom safety products. Its engineers and designers are constantly striving to create new innovative products with style, functionality, and beautiful aesthetics.

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ponte giulio grab bars studiobagno

So let’s not be blind and try to give these people the right to live the life they rightfully deserve. Let’s not force them to lock themselves in their homes, because out there they don’t have the possibility for the basics. Yes, the need to go to the toilet at the right time is elementary! Could you hold on for three and maybe more hours until you get home? I do not think…

So let’s change that! Handicaped: Safety with Love

Dedicated to Dimitra, a person I adore, and have experienced firsthand his difficulties and what has been said above.

Elena Kyriakou

Marketing Executive

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