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Dreams of Stone and Light

What are your dreams made of? Mountains, hills, gorges, caves, rocks in the foam of the sea, green islands, stone villages, whatever you think of, you will find something made out of stone.

A stone that is flooded with sunlight and witnesses’ eternity. Strong, solid, fighting the signs of time. Man’s companion from ancient times until today. The one who learned all our secrets and shaped our culture.

stone grey cream studiobagno

Dramatic, beautiful and timeless, with something undeniably exciting and exotic about its texture, it can bring simplicity and add natural goodness to your bedroom. The idea of a bedroom with simply painted beige walls is now outdated and at the moment, the elegance of the texture is becoming a trademark.

Stone walls capture this elegance and lead the trend for perfection! The magic of stone on a bedroom wall or even in the entire bedroom will relax and calm you, more than you can imagine.

brown stone bedroom wall studiobagno

Beautiful bedrooms should be relaxing and comfortable, creating a peaceful place to relieve everyday stress. In the summer it will prevent the heat from entering the room through the walls and in the winter, it will increase the temperature even a little, since by its nature the stone is an insulating material.

In addition, the strength and durability that stone presents as a building material combined with its unparalleled beauty, is the characteristic that made it so popular in new constructions.

Finishing with decorative stone can give you several decorating solutions. It will make the room more picturesque, more elegant and will add prestige to your space, whether it has a classic or modern style. It will give you the option to divide the room into functional zones and make it look more voluminous and expressive.

white stone wall studiobagno

Usually, the stone in a bedroom decorates the wall behind the headboard, the wall around the window or a corner with a dresser and a mirror. Of course, you can go beyond the parameters and dress with stone whatever point you think best expresses you. Combined with the right lighting, depending on the intensity of light that everyone wants to dominate their bedroom, you can create a masterpiece.

Most bedrooms are not that big and may not be particularly bright. As a result, it would be preferable to use light-colored stones for your wall.

grey white stone bedroom studiobagno

But if you are a fan of dark colors, this problem can be easily and stylishly solved by using extra lights on the ceiling, walls and floor.

In case you are one of the lucky ones and your room is spacious enough with large windows and an incredible view, then you can use any stone you want, having an incredible natural effect, especially when the sunlight coming in through the window will hug the stone.

black stone bedroom seaview studiobagno

So, decide. Which dream do you want to wake up under the sunlight and what story do you want your Stone to tell?

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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