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Be Inspired, It's Contagious!

Have you ever realized that everything we do is contagious?

We yawn, and the person next to us yawns; we cry, our close friend cries; we smile, everyone around us smiles. We inadvertently become the mirror of the person next to us.

But what happens when we use this contagiousness to inspire those around us? Have you thought that we can create many little miracles?

That’s exactly what Sylvie Atanasio, one of the most famous tile designers in the USA, did. She managed to translate her inspired vision of Iberian ceramics into a contemporary and modern design approach.


The result of this inspiration is fantastic, as she created a series of 6 decorative designs in dimensions of 13 x 13 cm, available in all the colors of the collection. The graphic design of the ceramic tiles is characterized by a gentle imprint, with a subtle but noticeable effect. Their color palette is based on traditional colors, which have evolved into a more modern appearance.

Let’s get to know Fado, a type of music that represents arrivals and departures and is traditionally sung in all the ports of Portugal. An ode full of passion and sensitivity, just like the designs created by Sylvie Atanasio.

Fado is the little miracle that can adorn the walls of your kitchen, representing the sum of influences from various places around the world, and thus an Atlantic heart will now beat in your home.


We visit countries like Portugal and Spain to admire the architecture, designs, and colors that dress their houses externally. We stroll to see and photograph the streets and palaces of Lisbon, which are adorned with these famous ceramic tiles.

Have you got enough inspiration so far, or do you need more?

Fairytale colors and unusual designs in their brightest texture give you the opportunity to bring this unparalleled architecture into your space. Fado and its Atlantic heart have come to make your kitchen special!


Combine the soft gray squared designs of Fado by mixing different patterns with monochrome. This can decorate one of the walls of your kitchen. The adjacent wall can be clad in monochrome glossy tiles of the same color, in a more rectangular shape, to give us the contrast we need to properly showcase the space.

Dare to choose the color of your countertops in cypress, stepping away from the usual, and make the space more natural by choosing a wood-textured floor to give your kitchen the serenity it deserves.

However, if your home is more modern and the floor you have chosen is in an industrial style, then a Fado ceramic tile in mint color, combined with wooden surfaces, would give a different feel to your space. Modern, warm, timeless but simultaneously different! 


So, be inspired by the magic of the tradition of Portuguese tiles that adorn the cities of Aveiro, Porto, Lisbon, and Sintra, and become one with their beauty!


Enjoy them, lose yourself in their designs, get drunk on their beauty, and pass it on because


Sylvie Atanasio must have been truly inspired when she created them! Greatly inspired!


Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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