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Brick and Charm!

So beautiful, so charming, so addictive! Boldness and charm knock loudly on our door, presenting us with the most enchanting decorative bricks ever made! They are here with the primary goal of dressing up prominent spaces in our home and overflowing warmth and beauty into every piece of our hearts.

And to give credit where it’s due, they do it spectacularly!

Their color palette leaves no space indifferent. Natural red, terracotta, gray, white, anthracite, khaki, brown, black are just some of the available options. The best part, however, is that you have the option to make color combinations, which will give you your own unique result! You choose and create your own pattern, which is exclusively your creation.


Leave a wall empty and clad it with decorative brick in a color that matches your space. In this case, since we’re talking about boldness and charm, let’s focus on the bedroom. Put soul and imagination into it, and your wall will transform into a creative and effective detail, enhancing your space and turning it into an industrial, rustic, elegant, beautiful, and romantic warmth field.

Brick on the wall offers additional insulation inside the room, especially during heavy winter periods, and simultaneously adds a strange sense of familiarity. Another advantage it has is that you can paint it if you wish to make a change over time. Usually, most people use the classic terracotta color and after years, if they need a refreshment, paint it white to have a more modern result.


One thing is for sure; you will never get bored of it because it can match everything. From the most modern to the most classic styles of furniture, they can blend with it, setting up a scene of indelible beauty.

Don’t forget to highlight its beauty by using hidden lighting in various points. The diffused yellow light in the right corners will make it even more mysterious, adding a touch of luxury even to the smallest room. Abstract paintings with vibrant, intense colors can also create a wonderful contrast in composition.


Dare and decide now. Which wall of your room will have the fortune to become the most charming space? Do you want it to be the one you have in front of you, or the one that sweetly hides behind you and embraces you?

Whatever you decide, one thing is certain, Brick and Charm go together!


Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive



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