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Katerinio is getting married!

Katerinio is getting married! Since when do fairies come out and dance on land? Ever since beautiful lads roam the harbors! December 22, 1969, Neraida and Pallikari’s movie is shown for the first time. Katerinio and Manousos. A love born in Crete fights against everyone to come out victorious in the end! Do you remember […]


Difficult time for Princes!

Difficult time for Princes! Difficult time for Princes. You were born in the wrong era, as the song says! We are in the era where prices gone up. Prices have skyrocketed and procrastination reigns everywhere. Everything around us is collapsing like small pieces of DOMINO! The effects of the pandemic, the increase in oil, the […]



RENDEZVOUS in the YARD Mmmm Greek coffee, jasmine and sweet-sour cherry smelled. This date is full of smells familiar, old, authentic. Flushed with peace, the yard is back in full swing! She brought out tables and is ready to welcome this summer as well. Especially this one! After the difficult year we’ve had, we rightfully […]


OVER BLUE! The fascinating history of the color blue and its thousands of shades continues to amaze us to this day! From ancient Egypt, to the blue period of Picasso, to the blue of Johannes Vermeer, in the “Girl with the pearl earring” to the blue named after the famous painter Yves Klein, Kein Blue. In their works, […]

Νέο έργο

Are you kidding me;

Are you kidding me; Are you kidding me? Ceramic tile! No, we are not talking about Plaka in Athens which, as argued by the great Athenian writer Dim. Kambouroglou, took its name from a large marble slab, which was found near the small church of Agios Georgios Alexandrinos. But this is not some funny episode […]


How much you look like me!

How much you look like me! Houses look like the people who live in them! (Victor Hugo, 1802 -1885). So, if you’re ready to start building your new home, or if you’re in the middle of the journey and feel overwhelmed or impatient, relax, take a deep breath, and let’s find the solutions together! Always […]

Καλύτερο και από ζωγραφιά


BETTER THAN A PAINTING As people try to add more character and personality to their space, they have managed to bring wallpaper back into fashion. The sheer wealth of colors, designs, patterns and textures available in today’s wallpaper varieties is unrivaled. Despite this, many of us still choose ceramic tiles because of their solid advantages. […]


Something unique

Something unique When luxury becomes a type of first necessity for people with disabilities, we, the able-bodied, are obliged to understand that each person is unique and special. Luxury is not something for the few, but for everyone. Many things for most people are self-evident, simple, and not at all difficult. And yet, for a […]

Εσύ γέμισες τις μπαταρίες σου;

Did you “charge” your batteries?

Did you “charge” your batteries? Say good morning through your own bathroom oasis! Start your day well by charging your own batteries, using the new fashion trend in bathroom batteries and accessories.  With a relaxing shower you say good night and sweet dreams at night and good morning in the morning. The bathroom is the […]



WARM ME UP… The protagonist of this Winter in our living room, the fireplace, which undoubtedly warms the hearts of all of us. The warmest corner of the house during the Winter, which acts as a pole of attraction and magically gathers the whole family around it. As we move quickly towards the heavy Winter […]

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