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Are you kidding me;

Are you kidding me? Ceramic tile!

No, we are not talking about Plaka in Athens which, as argued by the great Athenian writer Dim. Kambouroglou, took its name from a large marble slab, which was found near the small church of Agios Georgios Alexandrinos.

But this is not some funny episode from the TV game of the same name either.

Here we are talking about the huge ceramic slabs that have been adorning indoor and outdoor spaces lately and undoubtedly steal the show.

Black bull, graphite gray, emerald green, busy white, but also ceppo di gre, are just some of the perfect tile faces used as surface coverings, in spaces that want to stand out and last over time.

The elegance and elegance that dominates these huge ceramic slabs can write its own story in your own environment. 

slab table black waves studiobagno

Black Bull Marble reproduces an interesting night black granite with golden and silver waves standing out in the slab. Like the natural material, it lends itself to decorative surfaces, including those worktops with a touch of luxury. 

slab white grey waves studiobagno

Graphite marble, or gray stone, is a compact limestone aggregate with a very fine grain and domestic background. The color of the material varies from charcoal gray to dove gray, with strong but subtle white streaks. It is a product capable of captivating the beauty of the environment and giving them personality and character. 

green slab studiobagno

The classy green emerald plate is a faithful reproduction of a green cluster of Brazilian origin with light brown and white lines. It expresses the innate elegance of marble. A proposal that comes out of the usual color palette of the stone to fit in the most special projects. 

white grey slab kitchen studiobagno

On the other hand, the graphic of the busy white slab is inspired by an exotic granite with a strong visual impact from Brazil. It has a light cream background with contrasting dark areas reminiscent of a zebra pattern. Used as a coating even for kitchen counters, it can also create great scenic surfaces. 

grey slab kitchen studiobagno

Last on our list is the famous ceppo di gre, a precious and rare natural stone mined from the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. This plate reproduces the sober and elegant charm of ceppo di gre of sedimentary stone quarried from the shores of Lake ISEO. It is characterized by a texture of pebbles bound together by limestone cement mortars.

Whichever you prefer, in whatever scene you put them in the lead role, surely all you will hear at the end will be APPLAUSE!

I’m not kidding at all! Write your own show and play with greatness in your own theater! The backstage is just for relaxing!

Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive

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