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Roberta Divided Us

Roberta came into our lives unexpectedly, brought to life by the renowned, award-winning industrial designer, Inma Bermúdez. She first entered the home of Nadis Group in Spain and then became a part of the Studio Bagno family in Larnaca.

The first time I saw her, I was completely awestruck. My husband couldn’t take his eyes off her. I nudged him to say something, but he was speechless. I could already see the pink cloud floating continuously over his head.

It was love at first sight!


He hadn’t even acted like this when we first met. I won’t lie; I was a bit jealous. But she was so beautiful, so captivating, so stylish and sophisticated, that I had to admit he had a point.

Within a few minutes, he decided we would take her home, after all, she had so many hidden talents that only revealed themselves when placed in your space. What could I do? I too succumbed without a second thought. Deep down, I adored her from the very first moment.

My only concern was going over budget and that my husband would be too captivated by wherever Roberta was.

But a week after bringing her home and once she was in place, she was so dazzling, so warm, so imposing that I was the one who ended up spending all day where Roberta was.

One day in the living room, the next day in the kitchen. Roberta entered our lives and made it better, more beautiful, of higher quality, more enjoyable.


The separation she created between the two spaces couldn’t have been better. You could easily see through her wavy gaps what was happening on the other side. The light that timidly entered every morning through those small holes bathed the entire living room with energy. Her wonderful curved design offered an unbeatable style to both sides, and her natural terracotta color warmed the atmosphere like a gentle caress.


I think it’s the only time I’m so happy that something has come between my husband, Paris, and me. Roberta divided us, and I’m so happy! She divided our living room and kitchen in an incredibly designed way, giving more privacy to one space from the other, but at the same time not isolating any.

Now, when I’m in the kitchen cooking, Paris enjoys his tranquility in the living room, and then we sit together, cuddled up next to Roberta.

Sitting on the mustard-colored comfortable couch right in front of her, we most often fall asleep to the sweet lullaby brought by her unique design, watching her non-stop.


Yes, Roberta divided us, but we love each other even more now!


Thank you for coming into our lives and making it wonderful!


Thank you, Inma Bermúdez, for creating this masterpiece.


Thank you, Studio Bagno, for convincing us to make this investment.


Roberta is worth every penny!


Elena Kyriacou

Marketing Executive





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