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Domino was founded in 1988. Their factory is located in the region of Coimbra, in the heart of Portuguese ceramics and the company began by focusing on the manufacturing of floor tiles in white body ceramics. Ten years later, Domino complemented its activity with the manufacture of wall tiles and floor stoneware porcelain tiles. Today, they have a national network of distributors and is present in more than 60 countries, in the five continents.


Flaviker is an Italian leading manufacturer of full-body porcelain tiles. It was established in the early 1970s and since then it has played a pioneering role in the ceramic tile industry, anticipating market trends and driving the sector's growth. It delivers high-performance products for the world of contemporary surfaces, combining cutting-edge aesthetics with an increasingly wide range of sizes and finishes.

Through it’s steady technological advances, Flaviker strives to constantly improve the technical performance of full-body porcelain and ceramic, with a special focus on functionality and ease of application. Flaviker offers innovative solutions for the world of architectural design and installation of indoor and outdoor tiles.


APE Grupo is leader in creation of differentiated spaces, since they offer a vast range of design ceramics, advanced technical products and services.

APE Grupo was set up as a business group in February, 2016, uniting 3 brands with more than 25 years of experience and one technical office that provides advanced architectural and interior design solutions.

Thanks to their effort made in each one of their brands, fruit of an expansive strategy and the great diversity in the product range, they are already present in 109 countries, where 180 collections are distributed.


In the 70s, Ceramica Nulense started its industrial activity with 32 people, an area of 60,000 SQM of industrial land and the wonderful challenge of devising, creating, and manufacturing its own ceramic products, of the highest quality and the best price.

Currently, and thanks to a constant investment and expansion policy, STN Ceramica occupies more than 1,000,000 SQM of industrial land, has a production capacity of more than 100 million SQM per year, has a presence in 130 countries and employs more than 1,100 people.


The strategy of commercial expansion sees the Del Conca Group increasingly engaged in specific marketing initiatives for individual markets. With the aim of increasing customer loyalty, they set up the Del Conca Logistics Centre which, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, collects the materials of the various establishments in a single site, guaranteeing punctual and precise customer service, also overseas.


Design with style and performance

Experiment with new tiles that combine evolving home trends and the latest style influences, as well as the advanced technology achieved from fifty years in the ceramics business.

This is what Pastorelli is aiming for with its range of sophisticated products, whose shifting surface effects and graphics blend with the shades and materials of contemporary design to meet all the needs of modern architecture and design.


MATERIA is a brand of ABKGROUP, a leading company in the ceramic sector for over 25 years, with a turnover that today places it rightfully among the top players in the Emilia ceramic district.

For several years ABKGROUP, with an investment program on the plant based in Solignano Nuovo, in the province of Modena, has been active in the production of large slabs. Thanks to this process of technological evolution, MATERIA is now able to maximize the performance of porcelain stoneware.


Equipe Cerámicas SLU was established the 27th of September, 1999, and after a significant growth within the ceramic industry in the last years, it’s currently the leading company in the sector of small format floor and wall tiles.

Equipe additional value is based in a product with an excellent design and high quality, a real compromise with the clients, and transparency, closeness and flexibility. That makes Equipe a company adapted to the new changes and in a progressive pursue of improvement.


Ecoceramics history goes back to 2009, when it first began to produce tiles, based on one basic premise: to care for the environment and deliver excellent customer service.

Although still a young company, Ecoceramic has achieved a consolidated reputation throughout Spain and abroad, with an extensive product catalogue tailored to the needs of all markets.


Since 1969 Atlas Concorde has grown based on the solid values of its founders: technological innovation, product research, total reliability, respect for the environment and confidence in the future. Over time, the company has become an international gold standard while maintaining strong roots in Italy. Atlas Concorde is also the parent company of the Concorde Group, one of the world's leading ceramic holding companies.


They are dedicated to manufacture high value-added ceramic tile solutions with a high vocation for service. They structure their services and products based on five core values:
Seriousness: Our word is as solid as the best contract.
Design: our creations have a high aesthetic component.
Flexibility: we adapt to the client’s needs.
Agility: quick response to any customer need.
Resolute: whatever the challenge posed by the client, we find the solution.


TAU Cerámica has become a world leader in the ceramic tile sector due to the technical and aesthetic quality of our products, our constant vocation for innovation and development in addition to our social and environmental commitment.


Inspired by the greatness of nature and based on the long time experience and expertise of MATHIOS STONE, they have created a huge variety of decorative stones that give you the ability to create personalized spaces.

They offer stones made with at least 60% handmade work from Europe's largest factory, providing 30 year warranty.


Set up by passion for its work in 1995, AXA is an authentic family business focused on values of ethics, environmental sustainability and the typical Italian artisanship, always looking for solutions able to meet the needs of contemporary living, which has transformed the bathroom from a service space to an authentic place to live.


Remer was founded in Milan in 1965. It is a leading manufacturer of faucets and plumbing minutery, a serious and reliable partner well-known on Italian and international markets since it’s establishment.

Remer production is currently distributed in 120 countries, thus creating an important brand recognition and appreciation worldwide. Inside its own factories, between Milan and Bergamo, in the Remer Engineering Labs, is entirely dedicated to high precision and quality production with highly innovative and completely robotic machinery.


ACRILAN SA is the first Greek company that manufactured acrylic bathtubs in 1982. The production is been taking place entirely in their factory in Chalkidona, Thessaloniki.

They cover all the standards and requirements set by the European Union. Each product is distinguished by the modern ergonomic design, the variety of sizes and colors, the impeccable finish, the smooth surface and durability of materials.


The company started as a hardware factory in 1911 under the name Berkenhoff & Paschedag, located in Hemer, Germany, which was undertaken by Friedrich Grohe in 1936.

The company has managed to build products with innovative technology and modern design, all adding to the greatest boost and revitalization made by GROHE.ATERS.


WISA offers quality and innovation in sanitary ware since 1865. With a rich history in flushing technique, nowadays they have a complete program with flushing systems and accessories and toilet seats. Additionally, they added a wide range of wellness products to their collections.


The FAYANS brand is developed on the Bulgarian market by Roca Bulgaria AD, part of the Roca Group - the world leader in the production of bathroom products. The company, which has almost 100 years of history, employs over 21,100 people. It has 76 manufacturing plants and operates in more than 170 countries on 5 continents.

Roca entered the Bulgarian market in 1999 by purchasing the factory in the town of Kaspichan, where it has its own team, production and warehouse base. The company makes significant investments in production, the implementation of new technologies, treatment facilities, quality management systems and the environment.


Geberit is a Swiss multinational group specialized in manufacturing and supplying sanitary ware products with high specifications and related systems. It is a leader in its field in Europe with a global presence through its subsidiaries.


KESTECO SA has almost 20 years of experience in producing and supplying innovative, quality raw materials used as “fillers” to Composite Industries such as cast polymer solid surface manufacturers of sinks, wash basins, counter tops and fiber glass reinforced manufacturers (GRP, FRP) of sinks and swimming pools.

Another industrial activity of the company is the production of solid surface final items such as kitchen sinks, wash basins and of special forms designed by our customers.


Webert is the perfect synthesis of their ideals reference when developing the new models. WEBERT is no longer just a manufacturer of high quality faucets and design, today it is even more: a single supplier of products and solutions from design and harmonized with the same aesthetic value.


Since 1973, Ponte Giulio has been creating products with passion and professionalism, capable of guaranteeing safe use of the bathroom. They envisage a bathroom as the core of the home environment that is safe, barrier-free and capable of satisfying the needs of all users, from children and families to the elderly and disabled people.


Catalano, founded in 1967 in Fabrica di Roma, is nowadays the Italian leading company in sanitary-ware industry, a name that is synonymous of high quality and exclusive design, of solid manufacturing culture and high innovation process; a company that matches high-level automation with the inimitable craftsman capability developed along centuries in this geographic area.


In 1976 the company was producing accessories for two-wheel vehicles and in 1978 after some tests in a mechanical press for motorcycle’s fuel tanks, the possibility of producing stainless steel sinks was discovered.

Through the years, while the company was evolving and growing, Rodi invested gradually in new contemporary machineries.

Today, is a national market leader in the production of kitchen sinks and a world reference, exporing to more than 80 countries.


SANITEC S.A., one of the leading Sanitary ware Industries in Greece, having an experience of three decades in the field, offers in the market a wide variety of sanitary ware bath and kitchen products.

The company owns privet property of 4000m² in Thessaloniki-Greece, with industrial facilities for kitchen sinks and bathtubs production, logistics & division warehouses, show rooms & administration offices.


Miskaki Spa, aiming to satisfy the needs of its customers, applies the best techniques and uses materials and components of high quality and technology, thus manufacturing mini pools and hammams of high standards.

For the manufacture of its products, it chooses the best materials that comply with all European standards. Besides, the ISO and CE certificates that the company has, attest to the high quality and responsible work of the specialized staff.


Ston was founded in 2003 as a fusion of different experiences, with the aim of combining a global production and an increasingly expert, demanding and sophisticated market.

The non-stop research made by the high-skilled team allows STON to offer a wide range of collections available in stock. As well to satisfy every requests for bespoke mosaic and mixes for custom projects, at highly competitive prices.


Savvopoulos SA has been the first company since 1976 that has produced and promoted bathroom furniture in Greece.

It has been investing in human resources as well as modern equipment and thus has dominated not only with the Greek borders but also expanded its business activities abroad.

Savvopoulos SA has aimed to aim high, keeping as its fundamental philosophy to keep quality excellent. They are certified, therefore they are in position to give a two year guarantee for all its products.


Egger was established in 1961 in Tirol, Austria. In 2010 the company started digital printing and it’s expanding policy helped to spread brand awareness to many Europeans countries. Today, Egger is a leading company in parquets in Europe, Russia, UK, USA.


In 1977 the company, Parador, was founded in Coesfeld. After 28 years in the market, Parador made the first solid wood flooring in the world with a click connection.

Through the years and the constant growth and innovation, today Parador has been included in the ranks of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany and has been named ‘Top Innovator 2022’.

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