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Katerinio is getting married!

Since when do fairies come out and dance on land?

Ever since beautiful lads roam the harbors!

December 22, 1969, Neraida and Pallikari’s movie is shown for the first time. Katerinio and Manousos. A love born in Crete fights against everyone to come out victorious in the end!

Do you remember how weddings were done in those years? or with all these extra glamourous of today, you completely forgot?

I remembered it recently. Now, our Katerinio is getting married in a few days and we are happy! The wedding of my “chocolate” as I affectionately call it, made me wonder what expenses a couple should go to in the sacred bonds of marriage.

I’m going to take you on a little journey, a little back in time, when I was still a little kid, I was waiting to be invited to a wedding, so I could dress up as a bridesmaid! To be part of the joy and happy moments of the two. Back when everything was pure and innocent. Back then, when love overcame obstacles, distances, and kilometers. Back when love was all that mattered!

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In those years, the couple had to build their house before getting married. Let the nest be ready that will host their love in the new beginning. The wedding took place outside the newly built house so that all the guests could admire and see in detail inside and outside the construction of the house and also the dowry that the parents gave to the bride.
The women of the family gathered from the previous day, to prepare the traditional foods that would be put into the heated ovens at dawn. The men carried tables and chairs which were laid out in the streets for the feast.

Simple, frugal, and unnecessary, without having to pay for wedding planners, banquet halls, catering, and expensive estates. Without giving a fortune, choose which chair the guests will sit on or which tableware they will enjoy. Without paying gold for every light bulb that is lit and without spectacular fireworks. The biggest firework was their love! 

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The couple kept the money raised, entirely to help with their new start. So the world took a step forward! So ask yourself. Is it worth giving exorbitant amounts to extravagance? If we “get together” a little, we might raise a negligible amount that we didn’t count on.

Where did I remember these now? Why am I making you dizzy with the old-fashioned and “village” things that happened back then? But because the childhood memories of all of us are priceless values. Because always, the fashion of yesterday returns to the present and the future.

This period that we are going through now may be the perfect time to bring some of our traditions back and sprinkle them with some gold dust of today.

voucher studiobagno
It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that Studio Bagno has already started charting the course for you and your future!

In collaboration with three wonderful bridal houses, we give each bride-to-b,e a gift voucher worth €500 to buy flooring, sanitary ware, and stone. From the moment you book your wedding dress, you can start the steps for your new residence! You don’t have to wait for the wedding to happen.

Katerinio? you rightfully own a €500 voucher for your new home! Not only because you were the inspiration for this article, but also because 53 years later, you and your “Kritikaros” bring the Fairy and the Dancer to the forefront of our screens. September 18, 2022…Can’t wait! 

tokaterinio voucher studiobagno

By following the Studiobagno group page, like the publication, and tag two friends in the comments, you too participate in the draw of our competition that will take place on 31/10/2022. Three lucky brides-to-be will each win a €500 gift voucher to choose products for their new home from Studio Bagno & BauTech Systems.

Your wedding day will come and go
But may your love forever grow

PS: I love you, my chocolate!

Elena Kyriacou
Marketing Executive

*Bridal houses from which you can choose your dream wedding dress and receive the Studio Bagno gift voucher directly without participating in the competition:

Once Upon a Time Bridal Boutique – Larnaca

Accomplice – Stalo Theodorou – Nicosia

Renee Bridal – Limassol

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