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Traditional Cement Tiles Encoustic

Studio Bagno is the most renowned company in Cyprus providing a large collection of traditional style, classic cement tiles (ECOUSTIC) in different patterns and designs.

The formation of the tile can be customised by clients, allowing you to create your own unique product. With the ability to choose the design and the combination of colours to suit the desired outcome.

Our wide range includes handmade tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, floors as well as special decorative detail. The charm of these handmade tiles creates an unsurpassed atmosphere that is reminiscent of the classic traditions.

Each handmade tile is a piece of art, it is crafted, painted and completed by experienced technicians in hand, thus making each piece unique.
The tiles are 18mm thick and characterised by their great durability. This is the reason we can still see intact traditional cement tiles from centuries past.

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