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Louis Louizou


From 2011 until today Louis is a member of Studio Bagno family. His nature of work demands many hours on the road between the various cities of Cyprus, to deliver orders and also to collect the ongoing shipments from the port.


The driver’s job requires an extensive knowledge of driving route options and a variety of skills, including time management, something that Louis has learned to excel in through the years.


Teamwork is an important aspect of being a truck driver Louis says, being able to speak clearly and confidently can foster team cohesion which can benefit the company as a whole.


He always makes sure to check the operation of the company’s vehicles and to follow all the standards and procedures that are in place before and whilst he is in the road delivering goods to clients.


Always tireless and with a warm smile, most of his afternoons he undertakes tasks as a builder, since his passion to work with his hands never stopped.

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