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Stelios Ktoris

BauTech Systems Manager/project Manager

Stelios joined Studio Bagno in 2007 as a sales Consultant. His excellent organizational skills and kind nature were immediately recognized, therefore in 2010 the company decided to give him the opportunity to develop his natural gifts even more, and thus he found himself studying as a foreman.


After obtaining the foreman diploma and all the necessary knowledge, the company created its sister company BauTech Systems for which Stelios is solely responsible.


In this role, he deals with everything, from the smallest detail of a house to the largest, in terms of building materials and technical solutions. Stelios has become an integral part of Studio Bagno & Bausch Systems for 15 years now, he is the go-to person for anyone who faces technical challenges or wants to understand and even educate themselves regarding the correct procedures and technical applications of all materials that Bautech Systems has to offer.

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